Market Rules

Two Harbors Farmer’s Market

Vendor Information and Guidelines

Saturdays June-September 9am – 12 noon

Location:Band Shell Park

The Two Harbors Farmer’s Market (THFM) provides a venue for consumers to purchase high quality,
fresh and locally grown products. We encourage products which promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable, local agriculture. Vendors agree to abide by the THFM Code of Ethics.

Application and Fees

  • Those wishing to participate in the market must complete an application form  and return it with the $50 stallholder fee to the THFM coordinator(s) before receiving a stall assignment.
    This must be done on or prior to first market attendance date.

    download market application (pdf), download market application (doc)

  • The THFM coordinator(s) shall determine stall assignments with respect to seniority, product availability
    and uniqueness.
  • The market shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance.
  • Temporary vendors will be allowed as space is available. Fees are $10 per session. Daily fees must be paid at the start of the market day and will be collected by the market coordinator(s).

Marketable Goods

  • All farm products must be home grown (defined as owned or managed by the producer at his/her farm for 45 days) within 50 miles of Two Harbors.
  • The following items are approved for sale:
    • Vendor grown fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs
    • Vendor grown farmstead products, such as cheese, meats, fish, poultry, eggs, baked goods, canned goods, honey, maple syrup and preserves, if prepared and packaged in accordance with rules established by the MN Department of Agriculture
    • Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants, perennials and cut flowers
    • Vendor grown dried flowers or plants
  • No resale of any produce is allowed.

Product Regulations

  • All items must be prepared, displayed and stored in accordance with MN Dept. of Agriculture and MN Dept. of Health guidelines.
  • Each grower is responsible and liable for his/her products, guaranteeing that all products are produced and sold in compliance with all relevant state and local ordinances.
  • Processed food items should be sold with av\ valid processing license or comply with Minnesota labeling law requirements.
  • Growers are to provide their own scale, but have the option to sell by weight, volume or count. The State of Minnesota requires certified scales.
  • Prices must be clearly marked by vendors.
  • Vendors selling products as certified organic must have available a copy of their organic certification provided by a USDA certifying agent.

Market Set-Up

  • Set-up time is 8:30 am.
  • Stall holders must be in place by 9am or the market coordinator(s) may assign stall to a temporary vendor.
  • Hours for the market are: 9am – 12noon on Saturdays. No one may sell before 9am.
  • Vendors are responsible for area clean-up.

Code of Ethics

This “Code of Ethics” represents guidelines for being a good neighbor and a good member of the Market. Please remember that although we may have different reasons for being at the Market, we all have an interest in its long-term success and in the success of other vendors at the Market.

  • Price your product fairly – Gross undercutting is not acceptable and hurts everybody. Pay attention to what others are charging for similar products, especially if those products are at the market in abundance. Fresh and local products have a number of advantages over their grocery store counterparts, and should be priced accordingly.
  • Market honestly – First, follow the rules: only sell what you produce, only sell what the market allows you to sell, and follow the limits on regulated items for marketing and display. Second, follow the law with regard to labeling your product, whether as organic, chemical-free, grass-fed, etc. Third, be honest when describing the qualities of your product.
  • Honor your products – Everybody has a lapse in quality every now and then. How you handle customer complaints reflects on the entire market, not just you.
  • Be respectful of other vendors – Keep disagreements with other vendors private. Don’t interrupt when customers are interacting with other vendors.
  • Respect the space of other vendors and the walk-way for customers – A single line of stall-fronts has more visual appeal than a ragged line, and hiding your neighbor behind your stall is not fair. Leave room for customers to walk down the aisle.
  • Downplaying other vendors is not acceptable – Talk your product up instead of talking somebody else’s down and let the customer choose.
  • Pay attention to your stall and personal appearance – An orderly stall is a safe place, and the appearance of vendors and their space reflects on the market as a whole, not just on the individual.
  • Be courteous to all customers – They are, after all, why we are here. Make an effort to greet and offer to help customers whenever possible.